Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anisia Bella

Anisia Bella-- perfect to wear while sitting on a sunny terrace somewhere in Italy or daydreaming about sitting on a sunny terrace somewhere in Italy.
(Notes: Orange, bergamot, star anise, spearmint, violet, jasmine, exotic woods.) What makes Anisia Bella so bella is the way the notes are blended. The Anise notes are mainly in the background and stay just beneath the lively citrus & mint notes. The violet adds a slight sweetness. In the mellow drydown an exotic earthy note of liquorice wood appears briefly, before the scent fades. The scent is light and lasts only about 3 or 4 hours. Unisex.

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Although the flavor of its seeds is derived from the essential oil anethol (the same oil that gives anise seed its pronounced flavor), star anise has a different heritage altogether --this tree belongs to the magnolia family. It is used to flavor the liqueurs Galliano and Pastis.

Mirror Photo: Chedwick
Star Anise Photo:

This post was inspired by Tony. He has gotten me interested in essential oils and how they are harvested.