Thursday, April 17, 2008

Champion Feathersticker

Curse you, featherstick!

It takes nerves of steel to be a champion feathersticker.


I've been working hard at being the best feathersticker in the tri-state area. It's one of the most difficult and physically demanding sports ever! The rules change from moment to moment so it's always super challenging.

Finally, something for le bébé ... le chaton chic.

This fragrance starts out with hesperidic notes... I thought hesperidic notes were always citrussy, but even though hesperidin is a flavonoid found in citrus fruits, it can also be found in the leaves of the Buchu, a shrub native to South Africa. (Buchu leaves have small glands full of essential oil-here the hesperidic scent is similar to a blend of rosemary and mint.) Hesperidic notes can be almost peachy smelling, as well as earthy, herbal, or vegetal; it all depends on the source. Certain plant roots, cedarwood and the leaves of black currant, valerian and other plants are harvested for their essential oils which contain hesperides.The name is from Hesperideae, an archaic name of an order of plants .

Head notes: Orange, hesperidic notes, lemon and lavender
Heart notes: Mimosa, jasmine, damacena rose
Bottom notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, tonka

Love the mimosa, which really stands out, and there are a few confusing mystery notes that I can only think come from the hesperides--light earthy, warm notes, like those you smell when you step into a garden on a summer day, the freshness of the vegetation, the herbage. The citrus adds the right amount of freshness. The texture is creamier than perfume when you apply it. Probably because the version I have is alcohol free.

Created by Jean Paul Guerlain for his grandson.
Bottle design: Robert Granai