Monday, April 14, 2008

Robert Granai

Robert Granai came into my life a long, long time ago. His sculptures were always close at hand, (and always appreciated.) Often I carried one in my handbag. Here is Robert in his studio with what he calls his square eye.

Granai has designed many perfume bottles for the house of Guerlain. He looks beyond the plaster and sees ellipses, circles. he can see light flowing through glass. He works at his lathe, creating the models of perfume bottles. These are lined up on shelves for later study, and the process continues.

The red Samsara bottle was inspired by the costume and posture of a Khmer dancer.

The Vetiver bottle looks stunningly simple, so I placed it on its side to show another angle.

Granai by M. Ducruet
Bottles by d. Chedwick