Wednesday, April 16, 2008


While browsing in an old bookshop, Princess Haiku found a piece of paper with these words written on it. I enjoy wondering what these things are all about.
(Using Reya's "Blog Kin" theory, Princess is my sister.)
Mercurie might recognize this if it is from a book. It makes me think: what if you were at a huge party and you liked a lot of the people you were meeting, and then you discovered that everyone except you at this party had once been employed as a tele-marketer for a few years (and they were employed during the years when tele-marketers were always calling you and annoying you.) You might look into someone's eyes and wonder if you had hung up on them, chatted with them, or worse.
You could not be certain.

My only experience with notes in books was when a friend called me a few years ago, and said: "Hey Ched! go to the Bookstore X, at Grand Central, and in the back on the left is a huge book on Spanish Architecture~go and look, because I wrote you a note and left it in that book, it would be interesting to see if it is still there!"
So I went to the bookstore and I found the book, and there was the note: Dear Chedwick, I am fabulous, You should buy me this book, Love, Sam. I started to leave the store, but turned around and went back, placing another note in the book with his original one that said: Dear Sam, you're OK, the book is too expensive, Love Chedwick.

Then I called him and in a fake excited voice, said: "Oh wow, you have to go back and look at that book again! someone else has left a note in it, and it looks like it might be for you. I didn't really understand it, but I left the book exactly where it was on the shelf, you have to go look at it!" He said "Wow! Really? I wonder if people are going to start leaving notes in that book! That would be so cool!" ... he called later to say he got my note & bought the book himself.