Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chillin' with Chedwick

A branch from the Maple tree in my yard.

Chris Elliott uses an interesting method to try and hitch a ride. Would you stop for him?

What I'm reading right now~ The Hard Road to Klondike.

Micky MacGowan left his home in the Donegal gaeltacht for adventures in North America, which he certainly got. He worked his way across the states, and eventually went to the Yukon, where he took part in the Klondike gold-rush. He returned to Ireland in 1901 for a quick holiday, but fell in love and stayed to raise a family, buying a piece of land with the money he'd made from his gold-rush adventures. Micky died before his journal was published, but in 1958 it won the Oireachtas Literary Competition. The book was translated from Irish into English in 1962.

Some dainties. I'll bet that Kurt makes a mean tray of dainties. (including his famous micro mini clafouti.)

Just Chillin' ~ just keepin' it real, that's all I'm sayin'