Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bambi & Etch A Sketch

Disney sells a lot of fragrances, so I thought I'd try one. On the box it clearly states that Bambi is a fragrance for women. This I suppose protects Disney from lawsuits stemming from little Madison spraying Bambi in little Joshua's face. It was never meant for children. I can't see anyone over the age of ten wanting to wear this fragrance, but then you never know. The box also tells me that this product is not suitable for children under age three, as the cap and atomizer parts are choking hazards. So, if you are woman, age four or older, this might be the fragrance for you.

Anyway, it's fun and it did remind me of my childhood~

as did seeing this Etch A Sketch art blog.

The Etchasketchist did this artwork of Bob Dylan.

The Etch A Sketch was invented in the 1950s by Andre Cassagnes, a French electrician. He called it his Telecran. Ohio Art bought the rights and began selling the drawing toy as the Etch A Sketch.

Sadly, on the day before Christmas Eve 2000, Ohio Art closed their workshop to let a factory in China manufacture the Etch A Sketch toys for them. They explained that parents thought the toy was too expensive, and they could cut costs by closing the Ohio plant and letting the more than fifty employees go.

Bambi Eau de Toilette is made in Spain by Rebelde Perfumes.
Head notes include lemon and orange essences
Heart notes include spices, violet, green notes
Soul notes include woodsy & herbal notes, tonka, vanilla