Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pork Chop Debate

Savoir Faire is French for ‘know how to do.’ Know 'how to do' in social situations, know how to keep a secret, know how to empathize with others. (related to finesse, discretion, poise.) I never knew exactly what it meant until I looked it up just now. I'm great at keeping a secret but fall short on the empathy, poise & finesse part.

Savoir Faire was a perfume introduced in 1947 by Dorothy Gray Cosmetics of Fifth Avenue.
The playful mask enameled on the bottle represents both evenings out, (the masked ball) and the masks people wear when they know they want to be friendly and courteous to people they don't really care for. Oh well, we all know what that's like.

I guess the name of the perfume says "I'm well-mannered but I can party like it's 1949."

(My Aunt told me that Savoir Faire was a Mitsouko wannabe that just didn't make it.)

This Flickr photo by Truegod sparked a debate between Chedwick and Dennis. Which would you choose~ pork chop or Bob? Dennis loves a pork chop, and would choose that. Chedwick chooses Bob because he is better than a pork chop which would only last a short time anyway. Dennis admits that the joy of chop is certainly more fleeting.
"Dennis cannot resist pork chop, though!" says Dennis.

Perfume Photo: Ched
(that's Cergie's blog on my computer screen~ a photo she took of an iced window pane)

Pork Chop Dylan Photo: Truegod @ Flickr. I tried to link Truegod here but failed.