Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mignonette (For Kurt)

I just received this beautiful gift. (It was not given to me by Kurt, who sometimes says he thinks he is allergic to me.) This post is about more than perfume because I have added a little story for Kurt because even though he did not bother to give me a birthday gift, he still might. And it also may snow in NYC next week. We'll see.

Mignonette by Voluspa is crafted using the finest essential oils. Every bottle comes beautifully wrapped (like an elegant valentine) in a silky pouch. Mignonette blooms, lavender, leaves, almond milk and rosewood were some of the raw materials used to compose this fragrance. This is a really nice scent ~ it is Mignonette in full bloom. I had never even heard of Voluspa before. They make their products in small batches, mixed by hand.

My father had a book of O.Henry stories and would either read or tell them to me when I was young. This was back before children were being dumbed down. If I didn't understand something he would stop, explain, and re-read the paragraph. He would define some of the unusual words as he read without losing the rhythm of the story. I used to wait for the twist in the story. When I was able to read at that level on my own I discovered O. Henry's The Furnished Room ~ you can read it here.

I am guessing Kurt likes the works of O.Henry ~ (at this point Merle will shout out William Sidney Porter!)