Monday, February 5, 2007

Donald Trump: Scary

I had no idea that The Donald had a cologne when I poked fun at him yesterday. This Fragrance got very few serious reviews from perfume experts, but my favorite was entitled: "A Fragrance for the Self Loathing Man" and stated that fully 90% of men who received this Cologne as a gift were either disgusted or embarrassed. The "CORE" notes are a secret, but I know some of you out there are thinking ... Hairspray?
Actual notes that we are 'allowed to know about' include: Cucumber, Rhubarb, Black Basil,( with Herbaceous and Woody undertones.) Here are some quick reviews from men who, THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN actually have a bottle of Donald Trump:The Fragrance.

Chris: "I received this (Donald Trump Cologne) for Christmas. I wish I received a lump of coal instead."

Donnie G: "I don't like it, I find the garbage disposal unit gives off better scents."

Gerald: "This is horrible."

I was only able to get one positive review of the scent, and that was from a 90 year old man who wasn't really sure what we were discussing.

Donald Trump: The Fragrance can be purchased at:
Jalar The Everything Store, in Rego Park, Queens
The 99 Cents Stores throughout the South, and on e Bay. Also at some Rockbottom and Dollar Tree Stores.