Wednesday, February 7, 2007

La Maison Guerlain

Today I went to Bergdorfs, bought some perfume, drank champagne, ate fine chocolate and got free gifts! Today was a fabulous day. I didn't even feel the cold as I left Bergdorf's with my goodies. La Maison Guerlain at Bergdorf Goodman is celebrating all this week, showcasing some historic fragrances that are currently available as numbered and limited editions. Fragrance Specialist Marie Line Patry, visiting from France, was able to just look at me, touch my arm, and tell me what scents I would find perfect chemistry with. Since I had tried many Guerlains over the years I was impressed that she sensed exactly what my experiences had been with each scent, and was able to choose a new perfume for me that may well become my new signature scent. Marie Line taught me a lot about perfumery in a short time. I will share some of her tips in a future post. Jason Beers is La Maison Guerlain's very knowledgable Beauty Advisor. You can always find him on the BL: The beauty level at Bergdorf Goodman. It isn't too late for you to visit the boutique and sample scents, chocolates, & champagne. The event goes on through February 10th.

Photo: Marie Line Patry and Jason Beers ( with a 'golden bee' bottle of Shalimar.)