Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In a Heartbeat

What is love at first sight? I would say it happens when two people meet and instantly feel a powerful, strange, confusing attraction. In the Martin Scorsese film, 'Falling in Love', Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep play characters who don't want to fall in love, but ever since their first chance meeting, at Rizzoli's Bookstore in Manhattan, they are stuck inside one another's heads. L'Instant by Guerlain is named for that attraction, the instant the connection is made. There is no turning back for some people, and they accept their fate. L'Instant has a certain strangeness to it. When I first tried it, it reminded me of something, and I had to stop and think back many years to what it was. And it made me smile. L'Instant has a warm magnolia note in both head and heart. But it is just impossible to describe, a luminous fragrance.

They sat together in the park
As the evening sky grew dark,
She looked at him
and he felt a spark tingle to his bones.
'Twas then he felt alone
and wished that he'd gone straight
And watched out for a simple twist of fate.
-- Bob Dylan