Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Odds & Ends

Last night I happened upon a random episode of "The Sopranos"
It was a lame episode in which Lauren Bacall gets punched in the face.(and I think she yelled out the "F" word, too.)
anyway, I watched Tony Soprano fondling a bottle of perfume for quite a while before I realized it was a Guerlain Bee Bottle.
The episode still sucked, even though it had Guerlain in it.

Almost all the votes are in for the little contest. The Winner will be announced soon.

During King George III's reign, a man could divorce his wife if he felt she had used her seductive perfume to 'drug' him into marriage.

Astronauts found that a smell-free environment was so confusing and disturbing that they carried vials of scent into space with them. To counteract the negative effects of no-odor boredom, Nasa now pumps various scents into the air conditioning systems.

Italian footballer Fabio Cannavaro loves perfume and keeps bottles stashed everywhere. Armani's Emporio and Mania are among his favorite colognes.

Some hypnotists find that using scent works very well at bringing out old memories. (they will have their subjects smell various scents: sawdust, roses, baby powder, hay, tar, and so forth)

Quote of the Day:
"In writing songs I’ve learned as much from C├ęzanne as I have from Woody Guthrie." -- Bob Dylan