Thursday, February 15, 2007


Greetings! Greetings, Fellow Stargazers! I am in a grumpy mood, trying to snap out of it. But first I wanted you to look at this nifty home-made Valentine's card I received yesterday in the mail... yes someone actually mailed it to me rather than just e carding. I was impressed by the talent and thought this person should create a line of greeting cards. Don't you think the design is nice?

OK, back to my grumpiness. Usually complaining about something helps me to work my way out of it. OK what is with women who refuse to tell you what perfume they are wearing like it is some big secret? You smell nice, you don't want anyone to know why. What is with guys who have no idea what scent their wife wears even though they have lived with her for 20 years? They should also know what perfume their mom wears. I will bet these women know everything about the guy. They know all his secrets, flaws, etc... that he assumes no one knows. They know everything. They never forget anything. Ever. I am sorry to be so grumpy. Really.

What is with someone telling me they have never heard a Bob Dylan song ? I heard a Bob Dylan song coming from the TV set twice this morning -- it was advertising something, maybe Bob is going to be on 60 minutes again, who knows. But I'm in another room and heard it. (It was "Like a Rolling stone") I was sitting in Starbucks a few days ago and heard "Subterranean Homesick Blues" being played. In an elevator last week I heard the muzak version of " I Want You". Unless you have lived in soundproof booth all your life, you have probably heard one of Bob's songs.

Some dude in my neighborhood was telling me how he hated everything about Bob Dylan. I asked him what kind of music he liked. He said country. I asked if he liked Garth Brooks, and he began to gush. Turns out he loves Garth Brooks and I asked if he knew the song "To Make You Feel my Love" and he said "Know it? I love that song! I am going to have that song playing at my wedding!" hmmm -- set up nicely done -- and I said "Gee, that means you'll have a song that Bob Dylan wrote playing at your wedding," Of course he didn't believe me and even had a tiny fit before he stormed off.