Saturday, February 10, 2007

Something Old

Almost everyone has some old thing that they love, meaningful to them, but junk to someone else. Almost everyone has a place they long for that may or may not still exist. The little town you knew before the super highway, mega mall, and housing estates were built. A childhood memory of a summer picnic or a particular schoolroom. And everything has a smell or smells attached to it, good, bad or unusual. As a child, I was given a toy that made gummy candies shaped like monsters and insects. You poured goop into metal molds and baked them in a tiny oven. Besides remembering the painful burns I got from playing with this toy, I also vividly remember the metallic smell of the molds and the slight hint of 'burnt motor oil' flavor the candy always had.
Many people enjoy going to flea markets and yard sales. Often times, some object can bring up a powerful memory that floods the senses. A seemingly empty bottle that still holds the scent of the perfume that was once inside.