Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smelling is Free

"Smelling" ( sung to the tune of "Dreaming")

(see link: top right for actual song)


When I met you at the fragrance bar
You could tell I was wearing Shalimar
You asked me what's my pleasure
A bottle or a measure
I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my smelling, smelling is free
I don't want to live on Chantilly
Poison, Ralph, or Fantasy-
L'Heure Bleue is living rarity
People stop and smell me
We just walk on by--we just keep on smelling , smelling is free

Feet! feet! walk me to La Maison
Meet! meet! meet me to breathe Guerlain
Once I smelled it, I'll never forget it
Dream, dream, even for a little vial
Dab, dab, filling up an idle hour
Dream away, radiate
Close my eyes and smell the river flow
I sit by and smell the traffic go
Imagine a scent of your very own
Something you can sniff at home
I'll make a bed of roses
Just to have some smelling
Smelling is free
Smelling is free

Notes on D. Harry:
From a 2004 interview:
VH1: Where do you see yourself as coming from?
Debbie Harry: I don't flatter myself that I'm anywhere near as good as Bob Dylan, but I consider myself
like a singer/songwriter. That's really my thrust. I feel like I have to have a voice.
VH1: How's your acting career going?
Debbie Harry: It ain't going nowhere!

Debbie Harry is acting in two movies in 2007. One is "Anamorph" starring Willem Dafoe, a psychological thriller based on the concept of anamorphosis, a painting technique that manipulates the laws of perspective to create two competing images on a single canvas.
She also has a role in the coming of age film, "House of Boys"
Deborah Harry turned 61 last year and she still looks great.