Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bigger than a Breadbox?

Where did that question come from "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" It seems we have the original host of the Tonight Show, Steve Allen to thank for it. (From Wikipedia: The most common reference to breadboxes is the phrase "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" when trying to guess what some surprise object may be. This question was popularized by Steve Allen on the American game show What's My Line? and remains a popular question in the game 20 Questions.)

Breadboxes were very popular until many preservatives were added to breads and bakery items to keep them fresher longer.

Chedwick is curious and he wants answers!

What about other old popular phrases such as:
* raining cats and dogs
* a little bird told me
* a penny for your thoughts
* happy as a clam

-- what's the difference between a barefaced liar, a baldfaced liar, and a boldfaced liar?

why would anyone be trying to get your goat ? Since we don't all own goats, why would a friend or family member say to us, "He's just trying to get your goat."

why do they say cook the books ? What is a whippersnapper exactly ? Why is Merle Sneed a dude ?

Are there any answers out there? Cats are very curious creatures.