Friday, June 6, 2008

Neglected Garden

Today we look at Chedwick's back garden. As I shot a picture of this rugged Canadian rose that I assumed was only about 6 feet tall, I glanced up and saw a number of branches had climbed very high into a tall pine tree.

It was astounding how high the rose (named Bill Baffin for the famous explorer) had climbed. Bill was so high up he could look down at the roof of the house. The name certainly suits the rose well.

As I was marveling, a package was delivered, and inside was this Mary night light, some perfume and other items from a friend who knew just what to send. I was thrilled to bits with this package. There was even a really beautiful journal, the kind you never buy for yourself because it's too nice, and I had just come to the end of my last journal--the timing was perfect. I started writing in it immediatley, and of course the first two paragraphs were filled with praise for my friend.

And then I dragged an aluminum ladder under the pine tree so I could climb up and marvel again at how high Bill Baffin had climbed. (and to get a better shot of his blooms.)

Really amazing what can happen when you go off and "neglect" things.