Friday, June 13, 2008

Hibbing Trek

Blogger Kim and I are planning a winter trek to Hibbing, Minnesota. First we'll wait at this friendly looking Greyhound bus station for our bus to Hibbing.

Once in Hibbing, we'll go to The Chamber of Commerce to get a Bob Dylan Walking Tour folder that includes this map. We'll have lunch at The China Buffet which used to be a clothing store where Bob's uncle's best friend's cousin once worked, and see Bob's childhood home as well as the schools he attended and places where he may have once smoked a cigarette.

We'll want to get warm after walking around the winter wonderland that is Hibbing, so we'll duck into a nearby museum to see a diorama of the very first diorama being built.

Finally, the Greyhound Bus also has its roots in Hibbing, so we'll go to the Greyhound bus museum and take pictures of each other waving out the windows of very old Greyhound buses, before going back home on a modern Greyhound bus.

We haven't set a date for the trek yet, but as soon as really cold weather sets in, we'll be on our way to that bus station. If anyone wants to join in the fun, let us know!

Photo Credits: Vplus (Bus Station), Hibbing COC (walking tour map)
Hibbing Museums (Diorama, Bus Poster)