Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jungle Elephant, Jungle Snake

Chedwick was a little unsure of these based on the names, but elephants and snakes are both fascinating creatures.

Jungle L' Elephant by Kenzo

What fabulous Head notes ~ Mandarin and Cardamom
Heart notes of Clove, Mango, Caraway flowers,, Heliotrope, Yang-ylang, Night scented Stock (Phlox)
Soul notes include Tonka, Vanilla, Woods, Roots, Patchouli

Packaging: Well done, nice bottle design. I like it, but it won't make my top 30. This scent is pretty popular and at first it seemed too foody a scent. The notes are just plain weird and each time I sampled I used a tiny bit. When sampling you don't really want to be AWARE of the scent, but just want to live with it in the background, wafting up once in a while so you can enjoy it in a quiet way. Finally I have to say, the Kenzo people love phlox. I give it two paws up.

And now, how do you like my interpretation of a snake?

Cuba Jungle Snake for Women
Head notes Angelica Rose
Heart notes Jasmine Tuberose
Soul notes Musk, Tobacco leaf, Woods

Packaging: Box and bottle seem collectible as the bottle is made to look like a cigar, the cigar band label looks cheap though. Too masculine for me, the woods and musk are a little heavy. Not at all bad though-on the right person, this would be great. One paw up.