Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Perfume Episodes TV Quiz

Mayfield VS. Mayberry

Wally and Beaver, citizens of Mayfield, decide to sell perfume!

Q: What is the name of the perfume?
a. Flower of the Orient
b. Ever So Charming
c. Evening in Mayfield
d. Emeraude

Q: What prize would they win if they sold enough bottles?
a. a trip to Bermuda
b. free donuts for one year
c. a movie projector
d. a time machine

Q: What was one of the fragrant notes in the perfume?
a. Mayfield mimosa
b. Long Island driftwood
c. baseball mitt
d. skunky something

Meanwhile, over yonder in Mayberry, Opie takes a job at the drugstore & breaks a bottle of perfume! He now has to spend all of his savings to pay for it.

Q:What was Opie originally saving his earnings to buy?
a. a banjo for his girlfriend
b. an electric guitar
c. a set of drums with cool cymbals
d. a time machine

Q:What was the name of the perfume Opie broke?
a. Cannabis Santal
b. Blue Moonlight
c. Evening Splendor
d. Romantic Rebel

Q:What does Opie's boss do at the end of the episode?
a. breaks a bottle of liniment.
b. breaks open a bottle of Jack Daniels
c. breaks a bottle of medicine
d. break dances ( after using a time machine)

Photos by Ched: Green Apple Japanese Room Scent, Old Domino of St. Louis Cologne bottle.