Monday, June 2, 2008

Me, Me, Me, Me!

My dearest friend, Mickey Blackcat, has asked me to describe myself in Seven different ways. Number One: I am shy if in a crowd, so I avoid parties. If a party happens to happen at my house, I hide under the sofa for awhile.

Number Two: I am an optimist, even though my life has had many ups and downs. I am forever jumping into my imaginary Alpine Sunbeam and motoring along the Utopia Parkway that runs through my life.

Numbers Three and Four: I like doing pilates and power napping.

Number Five: I am into perfumes. Number Six: I am a good roommate for a mad cat named Dennis, because I am patient and see that he has a lot of good points.

Number Seven: I'm a bookworm and I love my dictionary.