Monday, June 23, 2008

Curious Chedwick

I've been thinking about my Carbon Pawprint. I have a friend who doesn't own a car, so I get asked to drive her here and there quite a bit, which I don't mind until she starts bragging how her carbon pawprint is Lighter than mine since she doesn't own a car. And I'm thinking of all the places I would never have driven to except that she needed to go there, and the bus was an option, but getting a ride is better. Does this mean she is increasing my pawprint? I think she is!

And speaking of cars... what happens when the driver of this car finishes reading his Flannery O'Connor? Does he start over again?

And another thing I'm curious about is my new blog assistant, Ricky. I hired Ricky last week and since he's shy I didn't ask him what kind of animal he is.

(Maybe that's a politically incorrect question nowadays ?)