Monday, June 16, 2008

Serge Lutens et Chedwick

In 2007 the French Government gave Chedwick and Serge Lutens both the title of "Commandeur" in the Order of Arts and Letters. Serge and Ched have been close pals ever since.

"We just hit it off." ~ Chedwick

"Chedwick est un chat ├ępatant!" ~Serge Lutens

Ched enjoys many of the Lutens fragrances.

"I've learned that ginger and pepper can be quite refreshing in hot weather." ~ Chedwick on Five O'Clock Au Gingembre.

Ched is not the only famous perfumed cat. His distant cousin, Jean Paul, not only appeared in a Nahema advertisement, but was the pet of the famous Guerlain family.