Monday, June 9, 2008

Neglected Garden, Sleeping Fawn

Just moments after I took this picture, I walked across my neglected garden and began pulling weeds out of a thick fuzzy patch that had been neglected for years. Out flew a fawn. But for some reason the fawn stayed in the yard (although huge gaps in the neglected fence are everywhere) nibbling delicious weeds and staring at me.

More curious than frightened the fawn let me get pretty close. My Stone Age camera has no fancy lenses. After I backed off, it continued to chew and look at me, then after awhile to chew and ignore me.

Now this is the second time in two weeks that I've walked right past a sleeping fawn. And I mean close enough to almost trip over the fawn. The first incident was in the Catskills, in the woods, where I blithely hiked past a sleeping fawn that suddenly sprang up right in front of another blogger, Kim, who was walking just a few feet behind me. A few days ago, while touring my very neglected suburban garden, this second awakening of a fawn happened.

1. Coincidence?
2. Is Mother earth trying to tell me one of my totem animals is a fawn?
3. Is the New York State deer population at an all time high?

If it is #3 , people, please spay and neuter your deer before letting them go outside.