Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where the Woodbine Twines

Last weekend every book I picked up mentioned Honeysuckle. In one novel I finished, a main character was always vaguely scented with a sweet honeysuckle perfume. So I pulled out the florilegeum and took a picture of this page.

Then I flipped through this children's book called Flowers and Their Friends written in 1897.

Le Chevrefeuille perfume by Annick Goutal is a soli-floral honeysuckle scent. I wish I could say I've tried it, but I haven't yet.
I know a lot of perfumes must have a nice honeysuckle note, but I'm drawing a complete blank. All I know is the vine is blooming like crazy in some places now, and it's very enjoyable while it lasts.

I first discovered Woodbine in a Robert Burns poem when I was a kid and looked it up, only to find it was another name for honeysuckle (or sometimes, the Virginia Creeper vine.)

...Oft did I rove by Bonnie Doon
To see the rose and woodbine twine
And every bird sang of its love
As fondly once I sang of mine...
~Robbie Burns

"Well my heart's in the Highlands gentle and fair
Honeysuckle blooming in the wildwood air
Bluebelles blazing, where the Aberdeen waters flow
Well my heart's in the Highlands,
I'm gonna go there when I feel good enough to go..."
~Bob Dylan