Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do We Amuse You?

The most amusing thing about these boys (who I saw quite by accident two days ago) was the fact that they had no idea they were posing under a sign that made them appear to be on sale. They'd just climbed onto the display case in the middle of playing some game and it turned into sitting nicely and posing when I took my camera out -- one of them saw me and alerted the others to the Photo Op.

I was out looking for something amusing in my neighborhood, and finding nothing much, I headed for the pet shop (which turned out to be depressing.) Next door to the pet shop was a strange amusement place for kids I'd never noticed before. It was dark and weird inside, and this odd Cosmetology Fun Zone caught my eye. The mom and boy reflected in the mirror were attached to one of the many machines that gave the place a casino for kids vibe. There were workers standing around having personal conversations who could not care less that I had climbed over a barrier, entered without paying, without a kid, to climb on stuff and take pictures of the creepy world they were slacking off in. Once I left I wasn't even sure the place actually existed. I decided not to look back.